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Latest update: February 07, 2001
Latest Linux version: 0.4
Latest Win32 version: 0.4-1

Elizatalk is a talkback program for the Licq Autoreply plugin v1.0 or higher. This program allows you to let you friends talk interactively to your autoresponder. Some people even think they are actually talking to you.. :-). See Elizatalk at work in the 'At Work' section

This program is very easy to configure, compile and install. It needs no additional libraries or anything, everything needed is included with the distribution file.Ofcourse you will have to have Licq installed together with the Autoreply plugin v1.0 or higher for full functionallity. When you run the program yourself you can talk directly to Eliza but that's not what the program is designed for so there is no user interface or anything...

There is also a ported version available for Windows wich is used with riven's icq auto responder/bot.

Please give your opinion about elizatalk in this survey.

For discussions about this program you can direct to the Open Discussion forum.

If you would like to see some other features to be supported in elizatalk, then enter your suggestions here.

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